Do Bilingual Children Know Fewer Words Than Monolinguals? from InCultureParent — If you’re raising bilingual children, you’ve probably heard this question a lot. Here’s some great info to dispel this myth.

Why Are They Talking so Fast? by François Grosjean from Psychology Today — I have been told I’m guilty of doing this countless times by non-native Spanish speakers. In another excellent post, Prof. Grosjean explains why it feels like people talk faster in a language we don’t master well.

Childhood concerns about her bicultural self changed into Mexican-American pride from Borderzine — An interesting article from the point of view of a Mexican-American mom who forgot her Spanish and why she doesn’t want the same for her children.

School district’s Spanish spelling bee promotes language skills from The Santa Fe New Mexican — This is a great way to encourage bilingual students to continue to strengthen their skills in Spanish.

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