When Sign Language Influences Speech by François Grosjean on Psychology Today — I don’t know sign language, but this is an interesting read for those who do.

Call of Duty and World of Warcraft Double as Language Class by Laura Kane on The Toronto Star — A strong case for the benefits of online video gaming when raising bilingual children.

Statewide Shortage of Bilingual Teacher Recruits Controversy in Fox Valley by Emily McFarlan Miller on The Courier-News — Hopefully many of the kids being raised bilingual today will one day become bilingual teachers and fill the huge void we have in public schools today.

Dual Language Immersion is Needed by Thea True-Wells on The Casper Journal — An opinion piece written by a Wyoming parent in defense of dual language immersion: “DLI is a method to give the gift of a second language to their children without sacrificing academics in other areas.” I couldn’t agree more!

School Districts Search for Bilingual Talent by Jenette Sturges on The Beacon-News — Because I find the topic of dual language immersion programs fascinating and I never get tired of reading about how they work around the country.

A Growing Gumber of Mexican in the US Don’t Speak Spanish by Kristina Puga onNBC Latino — Interesting read, though it’s not what you probably think…

A Guide to Raising Bilingual Children by Amy Paturel on Parenting — You’ve probably heard the tips in this article before, but it never hurts to get some reinforcement!

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