Spanish is Second Most Used Language in Twitter from Fox News Latino — Amazing news considering that “60 percent of Latin Americans are still not on the Web.” Do you use Spanish in Twitter? I do!

Mexican Teachers Adapt to their American Raised Students from PRI’s The World — A look at what’s happening on the other side of the border. As some Mexicans are going back home with their American-raised children who aren’t fluent in Spanish, Mexican teachers are struggling to communicate with them while the kids are having a hard time fitting in. Sound familiar?

Bilingual and Happy from Psychology Today — A collection of articles related to bilingualism, including many by one of the biggest supporters of speaking more than one language, Prof. François Grosjean. I’d already read many of the articles included, but some I discovered for the first time.

CNN Moves Beyond Cable with CNN Latino fromThe Hollywood Reporter — Another network looking to tap into the bilingual/bicultural Latino market.  I love that host Elizabeth Espinosa — whose mother is from El Salvador and father from Mexico — says the job interested her because it will give her the opportunity to “be someone who can operate in both languages, both worlds.”

Also, last week I started writing a bilingual weekly column on — where I work as a staff writer — all about raising bilingual kids. I love being able to take our message that bilingual truly is better to even more people — especially because I’m also writing my columns in Spanish. Check out my first two columns here: Bilingual Bebés on Board.


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