Maria Celeste Arraras interview entrevista hijos raising bilingual kids

Two weeks ago I flew out to my birth city of Houston, TX to be part of the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) 2012 National Conference. I was excited to be there for a book signing for Bilingual is Better and to accept an award for SpanglishBaby as Best Parenting Blog and for Latina Bloggers Connect (my other endeavor) as Best Latino(a)Social Network Leader. That sounds like enough action for one conference, but I couldn’t refuse an invitation from Johnson & Johnson to host a lunch keynote with Joy Marini, Johnson & Johnson Director of Corporate Contributions, and their partners from Save the Children and Pro Mujer.

The icing on the cake? As part of the lunch keynote, I was given the honor to introduce and interview Maria Celeste Arrarás on stage in front of the whole room of LATISM Conference attendees. We spoke about her role as a social media influencer and how she uses her influence for social good. She told us about the hospital for burnt children she helped build in Honduras after a trip to the country that confronted her with the harsh reality of the lack of access to places for common burn victims to be treated.

Afterwards, María Celeste Arrarás and I sat down in an intimate setting to chat about raising bilingual kids and why the United States needs to become a multilingual nation.

You will love — and totally share!– her passion.

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