Help Us Feed a Dream in Honduras

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School Feeding in Honduras

I need you to pause for a second with me and visualize what your child’s day would look like if  you didn’t have enough money to send him to school with a packed lunchbox and snack bag or money to buy lunch from school?

It’s a tough thing to even imagine, right? Pausing to think about it usually leads to an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that our kids have their basic needs met, no matter how challenging our day-to-day may be or how much we actually have to work to make sure things like warm and nutritious meals are always available to us. But the reality is that today, according to the World Food Program USA (WFP USA) an estimated 66 million students across the developing world will go to school hungry.

Honduras, February 2007

But the reality is that most of us haven’t faced real hunger (if you have and are ready to share, would love to hear your story in the comments below). To those kids, in countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Honduras, going to school on an empty stomach and passing the day without a nutritious meal, means that their nutrition level drops, as does their ability to learn and not drop out of school. It’s even crazier when you realize that to improve their life chances by providing a nutritious meal each day all that’s really needed is .25 cents to fill a cup with a healthy, nutritious school meal and feed a child’s future.

wfp usa lunch chalenge

Because school meals can be life-changing for the world’s poorest children and give students an important key to a better future—an education—and give poor families an incentive to send children to school—especially girls who may otherwise not have the opportunity to attend class—I’ve decided to join the WFP USA’s Lunch Money Challenge. Together, we want to raise enough to bring 300,000 school meals to children in Kenya, Niger and Honduras.

Targeted Food Assistance for People Affected  by shocks

So you see up at the beginning of the post where we have the required sponsored post disclosure? Yes, this is a paid campaign, but I’ve decided to donate the full sponsorship of this post to start my own fundraising page for Honduras. The challenge to pack your own lunch meal for five days this week started on Monday, so I’m a bit late to get funds going, so I definitely need your help. Please go here before October 31st to help us feed a dream in Honduras .

wfp usa lunch challenge2

By supporting my fundraising efforts to provide school meals to children in Honduras, you’ll help provide enough for 100,000 school meals, to help make sure Honduran kids receive a nutritious meal in school. School meals are the primary safety net to reach children who need help in Honduras. Kids who are most in need have an even harder time now due to droughts in parts of the country—and not getting the nutritious food they need to grow and learn.

The funds raised will help WFP  focus on the areas with the greatest needs and hardest to reach in Honduras, working with the government to reach 86% of all primary schools with WFP focusing on reaching the areas with the greatest need. Many students in Honduras get school meals through the home-grown school feeding program, with 93% of the ingredients coming from local farmers and businesses, feeding minds and growing the local economy.

Ready to pack your lunch for the next few days and donate that amount for school meals in Honduras? For less of the price of a coffee ($1.50), you could feed a student for a week. For $50, an entire school year. How you will feel? ¡No tiene precio!


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Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign with The Mission List and the World Food Program USA. All opinions are my own.

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