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Help Us Feed a Dream in Honduras

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I need you to pause for a second with me and visualize what your child’s day would look like if  you didn’t have enough money to send him to school with a packed lunchbox and snack bag or money to buy lunch from school? It’s a tough thing to even imagine, right? Pausing to think about it usually leads to an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that our kids have their basic needs met, no matter how challenging our day-to-day mayRead More ...

Filling Our Red Cup: A Symbol of Hope

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How many of you held a cup this morning? How often do you think about what you pour into that cup? For me, a cup symbolizes the joy of a hot cafecito con leche to start my day. It’s one of the few rituals I always adhere to in my day. I’m also picky about my cups. I like them more like mugs than a standard cup because I love feeling the weight in my hands and the warmth ofRead More ...

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