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A few weeks ago I headed out to New York City for my annual trek to the Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) conference. It’s one of the musts in my book because I get to meet some amazing people for the first time and catch up with so many that have now become friends and an essential part of what I do on SpanglishBaby and over at Latina Bloggers Connect.

The community of Latina bloggers that I get to call mis amigas is really the backbone for much of what we do. This blogging journey is not easy at all because it requires a true commitment to see your passion through. Most bloggers do what they do out of a need to share, be part of a community and also learn and grow from the process. Very little end up being able to make a living out of it, so the monetary benefits are hardly ever the main motivator. However, we keep pushing what we do and caring every single day to be able to inspire through our words.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson, I got the chance to sit down and talk with 26 bloggers from around the country and Puerto Rico to ask them what the phrase “Inspire Care” means to them and how they take care of themselves and others.

The more I talked with these amazing women, the more I realized that it’s essential that we constantly ask ourselves what inspires us to care, but most of all, to realize that we must always start by taking care of ourselves first. Not a concept many Latinas easily learn from their mamás since in more traditional households women are always taking care of others first.

I’ve slowly come to understand, and, admittedly it’s still against my nature to do so, to allow myself to take care of me first so that the ship can continue to sail and I can continue to give.

So now you, what does Inspire Care mean to you and how do you take care of yourself?Share with me in the comments below and we’ll make it an inspiring conversation.

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