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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JOHNSON’S Baby. As always, all opinions are my own.

A little bit over 22 years ago I left El Salvador, the country that holds the stories of my childhood, to attend college in the U.S. Back then my decision was full of hope for a future that was wide open and full of infinite possibilities. I left behind the comfort of a home where all my physical needs were covered, as well as most of my immediate family and friends. Little did I know back then that two decades later I would finally understand how much proximity to family, and most of all to la mamá, means when a woman becomes a mom herself.

The day back in 2007 when Camila came into our world, I unknowingly became part of a tribe of global motherhood. At the moment, all I could think of was how much I needed my mom to stay with us and help me transition into this new role that no one had really helped me prepare for. But the journey of motherhood was one that I had over 20 years ago unconsciously decided would be one I’d navigate on my own with my husband.

I found reassurance during all those tough moments through my neighborhood moms playgroup that really kept me sane. Those women where almost all also away from their mothers, so our little tribe was very bonded out of need to learn from each other, but most of all, to reassure each other that we would one day sleep or that, yes, it was normal to not feel the glow of motherhood every second of the day. We were also there to celebrate with each other every single one of our babies’ wonderful milestones and silly moments.

And then I found another unexpected, yet life-altering tribe when I discovered the world of mom blogs and ventured into becoming one myself. This crazy journey with the incredible women online that I’ve deeply bonded with has elevated my understanding that mothers truly have an innate need to feel connected and be reassured. We need each other at every stage of the way, no matter what our life circumstances are or where we live, because at the end of the day the bond that unites us is that moment we became moms. A stage in life that only by living it can you fully grasp its intensity.


Because I truly believe in the impact words of care and reassurance from one mom to another can have, I’m very excited that JOHNSON’S Baby CARES, the JOHNSON’S Baby brand’s charitable platform dedicated to improving the health of moms and babies, announced today the launch of JOHNSON’S Baby Care Cards, an e-card digital platform helping to brighten the days of deserving moms across the country by sharing cheerful messages of encouragement, while also raising funds  for Save the Children

Thanks to organizations such as Save the Children, I continue to find connections I make with other moms that go beyond who we are or the life we have. Just like the connection I made with Brenda’s mom — the girl we sponsor in El Salvador through Save the Children — when Camila and I met them earlier this year. Her life in El Salvador is the complete opposite of the life I had in the same country. What she is able to offer her daughter in the material sense, is not compared to the opportunities I have. Yet, when we met there were no barriers; we were just two moms wanting the best for our girls — both only children at the age of 5, that adore the color pink, princesses and to make art. We both just wanted the reassurance that whatever we do, we do for those girls.

When the girls met, both Brenda’s mom and I had tears in our eyes because we knew this meeting would touch both girls’ hearts in a very special way. We were both helping each other in a very giving and receiving relationship. That’s global motherhood — knowing that all our actions are interconnected at many levels and that by being there for one mom, you’re there for us all.

Just in time for Mother’s Day we have partnered with JOHNSON’S Baby to invite you to be part of this movement de mamá a mamá. Forget the mommy wars, this is really what moms are about — supporting each other. Warm the hearts of the special moms in your life and reassure them of a job well done by creating and sending a beautiful, personalized digital Care Card in Spanish or English on a dedicated Facebook tab by visiting Around all send, shared or liked mentions JOHNSON’S Baby will donate $1.00, benefitting Save the Children programs such as its Early Steps to School Success early childhood education initiative. The Early Steps program works with more than 10,000 children, parents and caregivers annually to help provide a brighter future through early childhood education; something every mom wants for their child.

I created my own card in Spanish to send to Brenda’s mom to let her know that not only am I sponsoring her child, but I am also now personally connected to her de mamá a mamá. Create your card and share with us below your story of that special mom in your life and why you were moved to send her a Care Card. We also want to celebrate you.

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