Can you believe that? Can you believe that if you have a deep passion for a cause — any cause, in any place — your voice can be an instrument for change?

I didn’t believe that. It took me until just recently in my life to finally realize that it doesn’t take an extraordinary act of outward advocacy to create change. All it takes is a desire and an audience of any size — your family, school or church group, neighbors, Facebook friends and/or a blog, to name a few.

I was recently invited to write on the Huffington Post’s Global Motherhood site about my journey in realizing my voice in social media could be, and already was, a tool for social good.

From the article:

The idea that social media platforms could be used for social good drove me to create SpanglishBaby with my best friend, Roxana A. Soto. My motivation was to ensure that my own daughter grew up with awareness of her heritage and the language that binds it. Of course, I hoped that sharing the information would benefit other mothers of bilingual kids that longed for the same resources and stories from moms like them. What I never imagined was that SpanglishBaby, and now our book Bilingual is Better, could actually transform the lives of children whose parents now have access to the knowledge, tools and community-support necessary for embarking on the journey of gifting their child with the benefits of a bilingual upbringing.

I have to admit that writing those last sentences above still feels weird to me. I have a hard time recognizing that small and consistent actions can truly create change in individuals and even have a ripple effect into families and communities.

Go here to read the full article.

A special thank you to Johnson & Johnson for the invitation to submit the article to the Huffington Post.

Would love to know how you are using your voice as a tool for social good. Feel free to share in the comments below y platiquemos.

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