Will Spanish Thrive or Decline in the U.S.? from NPR’s new blog Code Switch — Our contributor Chelsea touched upon the points made in this article regarding the future of Spanish in the U.S. Check it out and let us know if you agree.

Cinco de Mayo No Hecho en México, Actually from The Wall Street Journal — Another take on the future of Spanish in the United States from the authors of the forthcoming book “The Story of Spanish” (which I just started reading and can’t get enough of and will be reviewing/giving away soon!). Did you know that “in the next decade America’s Spanish-speaking population is expected to surpass Spain’s, Venezuela’s and Argentina’s?”

Understanding How the Brain Speaks Two Languages from TIME magazine — Do you think it’s possible that multilingual kids may exhibit social empathy sooner than monolingual children? This article explores this notion and more.

The Benefits of Being Bilingual from Univision — Have you seen the super popular videos done on a white board that explain science concepts in a simple way? This is one of those done about the benefits of bilingualism. Enjoy!

Immersion Schools Get Strategic About Foreign Language Education from Fox News Latino — A look at the ever-growing number of dual language immersions schools in the country, with a special look at a Los Angeles’ school district that proves bilingual education is the solution to underperformance.

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