Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Claritin. As always, all opinions are our own.

Oh, am I excited that allergy season is almost over! As many of you know, aside from running SpanglishBaby with Roxana, and writing for multiple online sites, I also own a social media agency called Latina Bloggers Connect. It was the very first network created specifically to connect Latina bloggers with major brands looking to work with them. The network has grown to over 1,000 bloggers in almost three years and 90% of our clients are household names that rank in the Fortune 500 list.

To say that I’m a busy mamá would be an understatement. Although there’s no way I would be able to do anything I do without my husband’s support and encouragement, the reality is that the buck still mostly stops on me. Since I own my businesses and I created them so that I would essentially be able to create my own schedule to be available for my daughter’s needs, I’m also the one that’s always in the move at home and at work.

So, yeah, there’s really no time to feel sick and seasonal allergies are something I just can’t put up with because there’s no need to have them drag you down when there’s relief.

I’m thrilled to have partnered with Claritin to share my seasonal allergy story and how I deal with it all. The video lives on the newly launched Claritin Español page, where you can also see René Alegría, founder of Mamiverse.com sharing his allergy stories. Hosting the series is my dear, dear amiga Jeannette Kaplún, of Hispana Global and previously host of Viva la Familia on Univisión.

The best part? Shooting this video with Camila and seeing her master her acting chops! (Did I tell you she really, like really, wants to act? More on that later!)

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