Not a lot going on this week, but here are a few interesting links you might have missed!

The July Carnival is Here! from Non-Native Bilingualism  — I love the monthly blogging carnival on bilingualism because it introduces to so many other parents who, like us, are doing everything they can to raise bilingual (or multilingual) children. The best part is that these are families all over the world and even though the language pairs they use are different than ours, in the end, we all go through the same experiences.

People Are More Rational When Speaking in a Foreign Language from — From the article: “Decreased emotionality in a foreign language spans the gamut of emotions, from saying ‘I love you,’ to hearing childhood reprimands, to uttering morally grave lies, or being influenced by persuasive messages in advertising.“ Is this true for you?

Foreign Language Instruction Eyed in Frederick Elementary Schools from (Maryland) — I just love reading stories like this one because it makes me feel like more and more parents and educators are realizing the amazing benefits of bilingualism and the need to start as early as possible.

First Lady Michelle Obama Chats with Latina Bloggers from Latina Bloggers Connect — What can I say? I’m so proud to personally know three of the four Latina bloggers invited to this amazing opportunity: Melanie Edwards of ModernMami, Monica Olivera of Mommy Maestra and Yvette Marquez of Muy Bueno Cookbook and to be introduced to amazing photographer Shirley Rodriguez. If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommended. You’ll feel like you’re right there with them!

Have any links I forgot to include? Please feel free to share. The more the merrier! ¡Gracias y buen fin de semana!

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