When Parenting Gets Tough

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There are stages in parenthood that are easier than others. We all want to grasp and hang on to those days when our children are cooperative, responsive and full of joy.

Then there are those days when they test our parenting skills – or lack of – and they take us to limits we honestly dread. We have to be honest and upfront that this happens even to the best and most zen of us. There’s a reason for it.

I truly believe that the tests our children put us through exist to show us about ourselves. I’m not being egotistical in the sense that it’s all about “me” and denying that there’s a root to the problem our children are experiencing in that moment. But once someone taught me that to change a child’s behavior, I needed to first see what had to change inside of me. We’re all a reflection of each other; or like the ancient Mayans used to say as a greeting to each other (and many still do): In Lak’ech – meaning “I am another yourself.”

I’m in reflection mode right now because my daughter is in a “phase” that’s feeling a bit temporary and it’s beating me up. I looked inside and what I found I shared here: I’ll Admit It: I Need Parenting Help.

Would love to know if you have these days, weeks, months when none of the parenting advice and/or skills seem to have any relevance. Please do share.

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