Quiero Mi Baby on MTV Tr3s is a new series that reveals the realities of cross-cultural parenting, including language, religion and tradition clashes, in addition to many other issues. This second season has some new, unique couples we’re going to introduce you to each week!

Check out this exclusive preview (meaning YOU WILL ONLY SEE IT HERE!) of tonight’s episode and then see our interview with the couple, Yliana and Josh below.

Episode description: “Mix a workaholic Mexican/Rican wife with a chilled down Puerto Rican loving husband and you will get the recipe of the new Latina familia unida. Yliana never expected that in less than one year, she would have the boda of her dreams, buy a new house, get a major job promotion and to top it off: a baby.”

SpanglishBaby talks to Yliana

SB: So, you’re Mexican and Puerto Rican and your husband is Puerto Rican – how do these two cultures play out in your household?

Yliana: My culture and heritage is very important to me, and being Mexican and Puerto Rican means I have the BEST of both worlds! Since Josh and I both share the Puerto Rican culture, I like to make my “Mexican Presence” known in the household. For example, I share my culture in our house decor, in the food we cook, and even the traditions of my family. Needless to say, we enjoy pasteles and tamales, dancing salsa and cumbias… and did I mention tacos with warm and fresh tortillas? They are my fav!

SB: What do you think are the benefits and downsides of getting married and having a baby early in the relationship?

Yliana: Josh and I were together a long 8 years before getting married, but after marriage, life hit fast forward! A month after the wedding we bought a house and weeks after that found out we were pregnant and everything else just started coming at us and falling into place. The only downside of everything happening so early on in the marriage was that it all came at us too fast! We blinked our eyes and we were in the real world, no more college days, no more mommy and daddy to help us… we were married, with bills and a beautiful baby on the way. We had to stop going to the clubs and hanging out with our friends and preparing for our son. The benefit of it all happening so fast, was that God blessed us with our son right away. Now that Christian is here, I’m thankful it all happened so fast, I couldn’t imagine life without my precious angel.

SpanglishBaby talks to Josh

SB: I heard you have “overbearing dogs” – what’s up with that? Have they made peace with the baby being the center of attention?

Josh: Yes, the dogs can be overbearing at times. For several years now they have been Yliana and my kids. Now with a new addition to the family they feel a tad bit left out, but none the less they are still part of the family, but they do know that they are now second to Christian!! They have adapted well to Christian being home with us, they now sleep by his play pen when he is sleeping to watch over him and always run to him when he cries.

So I would say that they have without a doubt made peace with Christian being the center of attention, they knew it was inevitable.

SB: As your child gets older and can do more things, what are you most looking forward to?

Josh: As Christian gets older there are definitely many things I will be looking forward to. I look forward to taking him to get his first haircut, watching him take his first steps, and hearing him say his first words.

I also can’t wait for him to be old enough to wear sneakers, I’m a shoe head so me and my little man will be rocking the same shoes. Lastly I can’t wait till he is old enough to play sports. His first basketball and baseball games will be very exciting for me as a father.

Do you relate to Josh & Yliana’s story? Want to see what happens?

Watch Quiero Mi Baby on MTV’s Tr3s Mondays at at 9pm ET or on Tr3s.com.

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