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It’s that time of the year again when routine must kick back into gear because school is back in session.

I’ve been working with the kids on our own routine here at home. I learned early on how kids loved to know and to pick what activity would be next as well as letting others know what they were up to.

This activity sign is the best thing yet especially if you have other kids in the neighborhood who may want to come over and play before your little one is ready to.

To make an Activity Sign of your own here is what you need!

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2- A picture of your kiddo

3-Adhesive- we used photo splits

4-Markers and a pen

5-Patterned card-stock

6-a small gift bag

7-a brass fastener(or brad)

Let’s get started!

123 copy

1-Cut your picture out and adhere to a piece of cardstock. Cut around to outline the picture.

2-Using another piece of the card-stock in a rectangle shape. Size will depend on your bag and image. This will create the pocket for your picture.Fold the sides about 1/4 inch on the sides and bottom

3-Cut the bottom corner square so that it makes folding and adhere easier and finish your pocket.

4567 copy

4-Adhere the pocket to your bag in a place where your picture can slide in and sit well. Preferably in the lower portion of the bag.

5-Cut out speech bubble shapes they don’t have to be perfect and make a tiny hole on the same side of each shape. Make a hole on the picture as well. The whole needs to be big enough for the fastener to fit.

6-Customize your speech bubble messages.

7-Attach the message bubbles behind the picture and secure with fastener. Add a name to the pocket and all done!

Now choose a message to display and  hang your sign where it can be seen.

We hope this makes homework time and play time fun! Have an awesome school year!

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