We’re back with Season 2 of MTV Tr3s’s show, Quiero Mi Babya new series that reveals the realities of cross-cultural parenting, including language, religion and tradition clashes, in addition to many other issues unique to bi/multicultural families. This season has some new, unique couples we’re going to introduce you to!

Check out this exclusive preview (meaning YOU WILL ONLY SEE IT HERE!) of tonight’s episode and then see our interview with the couple, Alicia and Steven, below.

Episode description: “Meet Alicia and Steven, one of those extremely diverse couples that went from eating frijoles to eating Pad Thai! Together for seven years, this couple became desperate to have a baby and even though they suffered not one, but two miscarriages, they didn’t give up and will prove that their love is able to overcome any challenges.”

SpanglishBaby talks to Alicia

SB: You had trouble conceiving and lost some pregnancies. First I want to say I’m really sorry for your losses. In many cultures it seems talking about miscarriage is taboo. Was this true in your case? Did you feel you could go to your family for support or that they wanted to avoid the topic?

Alicia: It is a bit taboo with our family… in fact when we first got pregnant we only told our immediate family. Unfortunately we had told them too early and lost the 1st baby at 17 weeks. The second time we kept it quiet and lost the baby very early in the pregnancy (yet it was just as painful.) With Ayden we made sure all was well before we shared the news with the entire family. It was quite apparent I was pregnant because I was HUGE.

Although my family was very supportive as far as helping with any needs, they didn’t want to speak much about the incident.

SB: What has been, or what do you think will be, the greatest challenge of raising a baby?

Alicia: The biggest challenge as a parent I believe would be making sure I could be as good of a parent as my mother is. She was able to stay home and guide us with all our endeavors… I unfortunately don’t have that luxury. I just hope I could be at least half the mom she is.

SpanglishBaby talks to Steven

SB: Tell us how you two met!

Steven: We met in the Air and Sea Show… we glanced at each other from afar but didn’t speak until her friend (our cupid) Elizabeth took the incentive to ask a friend for my number … we spoke over the phone and the rest is history.

SB: What things from your two unique cultures are you most looking forward to teaching the baby?

Steven: I am most excited about teaching the baby Spanish, this way I can learn too! In addition just to share some of our culture’s music and traditions.

Do you relate to Alicia & Steven’s story? Want to see what happens?

Watch Quiero Mi Baby on MTV’s Tr3s Mondays at at 9pm ET or on Tr3s.com.

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