Jenny & Flo of Quiero Mi Baby

MTV Tr3s’s new show, Quiero Mi Baby premiered on Monday April 16th – it’s a new series that shows the realities of cross-cultural parenting including language, religion and tradition clashes, in addition to many other issues unique to bi/multicultural families.

Check out this exclusive preview (meaning YOU WILL ONLY SEE IT HERE!) of tonight’s episode and then see our interview with the couple, Jenny and Flo, below.

Episode description: “Although Jenny & Flo are both Cubans, they are very different since Jenny was born in what they call “Cubanlandia” (Miami) and Florentino was raised in Chicago. Even though they grew up in very different places they both are in love with each other, and of course with their baby girl Valentina, who is about to turn one year old! Now, she is starting to eat solids and the couple starts disagreeing in a very important aspect of feeding their child. Would this be one out of many differences that the couple could face?”

SpanglishBaby talks to Flo

SB: We see in the preview video of your episode that you and Jenny disagree on whether television should be used to put the baby in a good mood so she can be fed. How do you guys usually resolve disagreements to find common ground?

Flo: It usually begins with an argument about our backgrounds and how we were brought up. Then it is followed by both of us proving our points with examples stemming from childhood to present. Ultimately it ends up with Jenny getting her way because Valentina has been spoiled and has learned the bad habits portrayed in the video. Do I agree? No! But if the baby doesn’t eat it’s worse so Jenny ends up getting her way but for the sake of Valentina’s well being, not because I agree.

SB: While you both have Cuban heritage, you were raised in Chicago and Jenny in “Cubanlandia” (Miami). When you have disagreements with Jenny about how to raise your child do you feel like they usually fall into the normal “different perspectives” that all parents have at times, or do you feel that some are due to cultural differences?

Flo: I feel that it’s a little bit of both. There are the standard “different perspectives” but also there are the differences of how we were brought up. I was brought up in Chicago, very American. We celebrated all the Holidays as any “American” would, almost like the pilgrims had started it with the Indians. Traditional meals and customs. Jenny’s idea of a Thanksgiving dinner for example is Lechon (pork), Congri (Black beans and Rice), Yuca (Cassava) and Flan (Cuban dessert.) She was raised by her grandmother and mother as I was raised more by my mom. The differences stem from eating habits to speaking. But at the end of it all I feel we have a great mix and Valentina is going to come up with the best from both worlds.

SpanglishBaby talks to Jenny

SB: Do you feel that you’re very close to your Cuban roots since you were raised in Miami? Tell us about a favorite childhood memory!

Jenny: Yes. I have grown up with only Cuban family and friends, so yes my Cuban roots are deep. All I and my parents have are Cuban family and mostly friends. So my roots are very deep. As for how I grew up, my favorite childhood memory is when my big Cuban family would go skiing in Colorado and invade the resort. We would be the loudest and funnest of the whole resort. I loved it.

SB: Do you plan to raise your child bilingual? Why or why not?

Jenny: I plan to raise Valentina bilingual as it’s important to raise her to know her Hispanic roots. She should know her background and also it will benefit her in the future.

Do you relate to Jenny & Flo’s story? Want to see what happens?

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