Eli Jas, singer of the bilingual theme song "De Nuevo" for Quiero Mi Baby on Tr3s

Tr3s has announced Quiero Mi Baby – “a new series spotlighting bicultural parents as they tackle baby names, religion, superstitions, immigration, language & more.” Show premiers today at 9pm, April 16th and we’re excited to to glimpse into the lives of this generation of bilingual and bicultural parents!

Quiero Mi Baby’s bilingual theme song is sung by a rising Latin star, Eli Jas, who we got the opportunity to interview. Check it out!

I heard your song Tú Me Haces Volar and I love how you mix up classic Latin rhythms with synthesizer, as well as English with Spanish lyrics. Would you say that your Latin roots and American culture (having been born and raised in New York), play equal parts in your life?

Definitely! Growing up in New York gave me the opportunity to have different types of music around me and I also had my grandfather introduce me to a lot of Spanish music growing up. Even though I started off singing R&B, I thought it would be great to use my soulfulness for Spanish music and for that reason you will hear a lot of diversity in my music and I hope my supporters love it!

So, you wrote and perform the new song “De Nuevo” for the upcoming Tr3s show Quiero Mi Baby – Can you tell us a little about the experience?

Anything with Tr3s is a wonderful experience! I was very happy they gave me the opportunity to write a song for their new show. When I found out it was picked I was ecstatic because I really tried to get in the mood and write a great sentimental song that could relate to mothers everywhere. Also making it so it doesn’t have to be specifically about a child, but could be towards anyone you have unconditional love for. Thank you Tr3s!!!

I’ve heard you have Chilean, Panamanian and Dominican heritage. Here on SpanglishBaby we have something we call “The Culture of Food” because we believe that food is a huge part of remembering one’s culture. Do you have some favorite dishes that help you remember your roots?

Food is my life! Haha, I am very mixed but I can tell you I stay true to my Dominican roots. Mofongo, Sancocho, and Mangu are some of my favorite dishes. Luckily, my metabolism isn’t out of control yet and I can eat these dishes on a regular!

Although you’re not yet a mother yourself, do you ever think about what you plan to pass on to any future children? SpanglishBaby is a community of parents trying to raise bilingual children – Do you hope to raise your future children to be bilingual?

It’s interesting to see how relationships flourish and what parents pick and choose when it comes to parenting on Quiero Mi Baby. I will definitely raise my children bilingual, so they have the best of both worlds. I grew up a little bit more on the English side and singing in Spanish allowed me to connect more with my Latin roots and I’m learning along the way. I want to be sure my children listen to every type of music, speak both languages, and know everything there is to know about their culture. The more diverse, the better.

Tell us about future projects outside of Quiero Mi Baby that we can look forward to from you!

I am working on my album now which is scheduled for a 2012 release! Other than that, I am starting to do shows and really work on promoting “Tu Me Haces Volar” because a lot of people still haven’t heard it yet. I am very proud of where I’m going with this album and I hope fans will be able to connect with me on a personal level since most of these songs are from personal experiences. I love #TeamEliJas and I’m working hard to give them everything I got with this one!

Check out the “Quiero Mi Baby” theme song performed bilingually by Eli Jas. There are snippets of the show throughout the video and I’m sure you’ll identify with more than one.

To watch the debut episode in its entirety go to the www.tr3s.com.

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