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Keepsakes to Cherish for Father’s Day

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My husband is not huge on Father’s Day, but he loves it when Vanessa (and now Santiago) makes stuff for him, whether it is a drawing or a cookie. Since she is out of school already, there wasn’t going to be any crafts made by her as a gift for him on Sunday. Until I found this really cool and easy-to-do craft to make your own stepping stones for your garden. It’s called Made by Me Stepping Stones Kit andRead More ...

Spanish Friday: ¿Cuál es tu palabra favorita en español?

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Cuando me enteré que mañana 18 de junio, 2011, se celebraría el Día E, o el día en el que celebramos el idioma español, mi idioma natal, me pareció fabuloso. Inmediatamente compartí la información con todos ustedes y les mandé un link a los vídeos hechos por diferentes personalidades hispano-parlantes en los que divulgan su palabra favorita en español. A una amiga bloguera, Carla Molina Martins, de All of Me…Now, se le ocurrió la idea de que todas las bloguerasRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: I’m in Love

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I’m in love. How can I not be? Just look at those eyes. ...

Spanish Friday: Quitarle o no el pañal a mi hijo

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Ya había tardado. Es más, unas horas antes de que comenzara con la cantaleta, yo justo había estado pensando que se me hacía raro que mi hijo menor ya va a cumplir 2 años y mi mamá no me ha dicho mucho acerca de quitarle el pañal. Y, ¡bam! Entro por la puerta después del trabajo y mi mamá me pregunta que cuándo le voy a quitar el pañal. ¡Qué coincidencia! Mi madre es lo máximo y no hay nadaRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: Coal, It Does a Body Harm

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Pretty messed up, right? But it is totally true. Before I joined the Moms Clean Air Force, I didn’t know much about the devastating effects of coal-fired power plants — especially when it comes to the Latino population. If you care about the quality of the air our children breath in every day, then I urge you to support the work of MCAF. There are lots of things you can do to get involved from tweeting with us to writingRead More ...

El Verano is Finally Here: Cool Summer Toys

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Summer toys

The sun finally came out in Denver this weekend. We were so ready for it. One thing I enjoy about the change in seasons is the expectation that comes with it. Spring has been unusual in Denver, with lots of (much needed) water, gray clouds and little sunshine. As soon as it gets just warm enough that you no longer need a jacket, we spend a lot of time outside. This should’ve already happened a long time ago. But itRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: En la Peluquería

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A friend of Vanessa’s from her preK class celebrated her birthday at a kid’s hair salon this past weekend. They asked all the girls to dress as princesses, they did their hair and their nails. Needless to say, Vanessa was in H.E.A.V.E.N!   ...

Wordless Wednesday: Wishing I Was There

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It’s another dreary day in Colorado. I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in months. I know we need the water and I’m thankful for that, but enough with the gray skies already! Wishing I was back home in Perú watching the sun go bye-bye in the Pacific Ocean! ...

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