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Motorola XOOM: Staying Connected at BlogHer ’11

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As many of you know, Ana and I were in San Diego for the BlogHer ’11 conference a week ago where we were able to spend a bunch of time with other fellow Latina bloggers – some of which you can see in the photo below which was taken with my new Motorola XOOM. One of the things I’ve never liked about going to conferences is having to schlep my laptop with me. So I was thrilled to get the XOOMRead More ...

Igniting Your Niños’ Creativity with Crayola

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I recently got a bunch of Crayola goodies in the mail, just in time for Back to School, which was pretty early for my daughter who started Kindergarten the first day of August. All the products are part of Crayola’s new line of washable, smudge-proof and odorless dry erase crayons which are supposed to never dry out. The products, all of which are available at Walmart, included: Crayola Dry- Erase Bright Crayons Crayola Dual-Sided Dry-Erase Board Crayola 3D Dry-Erase ActivityRead More ...

All Diapers Are Not Created Equal

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Before I had my son, I had heard a lot of other mothers speak about their preference among brands when it came to diapers for their sons. I wasn’t really sure what they were referring to since I’d only use cloth diapers and one particular brand with my daughter (my attempt to go with a cheaper brand was a bad, bad decision which resulted in a terrible rash I still feel guilty about). So, when I had my son, IRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: Do You Recycle?

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I recently read that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 66% of the stuff we trash every day could be recycled. Unfortunately, only about 25% is actually being recycled in the United States. Part of that has to do with the fact that just because you put it in the recycle bin doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get recycled. Say what? Well it all depends on whether you know what you’re doing (did you know pizza boxes are NOT recyclable?) andRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: Arcoiris Doble

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doble rainbow

Double Rainbow {© SpanglishBaby Media} I love, love rainbows. After a humongous storm last week, I took a look out the window and this is what I saw! ¿Pueden ver el segundo arcoiris?   ...

Wordless Wednesday: ¡Bienvenido Verano!

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Nothing like cooling off with a sprinkler on a hot, hot summer day! This day brought back so many memories of my childhood in Mexico and my siblings and I playing with the manguera in the front yard of our house in Satelite in el D.F.   ...

Pañales: Cloth or Disposable?

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to do everything the most natural way possible. To that end, I took hypnosis classes, called HypnoBabies, so I could give birth naturally without any kind of drugs. I did yoga twice a week almost til the end to learn how to relax and channel my inner strength. As soon as we moved to Denver, I looked for a cloth diaper service so I could sign up and be readyRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday | Muir Woods: Bosque de Gigantes

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Have you ever been here? It’s one of the most wondrous places on earth and only a stone’s throw away from the magnificent San Francisco. My husband and I were there this past weekend and I was giddy as we walked into the park because I remembered how as a child growing up in Peru, I used to stare at images of Muir Woods in my fire engine red View Master (remember those?) and dream about admiring these GIGANTES inRead More ...

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