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Wordless Wednesday: Zucaritas

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On a recent trip to Tijuana, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this at “la Walmar.” Me gusta más el nombre Zucaritas que Frosted Flakes. ¿Y a tí? ...

Wordless Wednesday: National Taco Day

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In honor of National Taco Day, (which was yesterday, but since I didn’t even know it existed, I think it’s okay that I’m a day late) I figured I’d share with you the delectable tacos I’ve been stuffing myself with for the last three months at the awesome food truck setup right outside my downtown Denver office! Although my fave street taco by far is al pastor, I haven’t really found any (just yet) that truly taste like the onesRead More ...

Preparing for the Flu Season with Walmart

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Flu season is upon us and in my house that usually means we take a lot of precautions because my daughter has asthma which can complicate matters very quickly if she gets sick. Although we don’t know yet if her little brother will suffer the same fate, we like to be extra careful this time of year. So beside getting the flu vaccine prior to the start of the season, we also take other precautions. The easiest way to avoidRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: Postres Peruanos

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I was lucky enough to be in Miami two weekends ago and I went twice to what has become my favorite Peruvian restaurant: Ceviche 105 in downtown Miami. Do you know what these are? ...

Wordless Wednesday: Mexican Candy

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I was in San Diego recently and I crossed the border into Tijuana so the friends I was staying with could go shopping at Walmart. It was Mexican candy heaven! I spent two years in Mexico as a child and I got hooked on many of the candies sold there at the time. ¿Has probado los Bubu Lubus? ...

Wordless Wednesday: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Hijito!

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The Only Convertible Car Seat Your Niños Will Need

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One of the best parts of living close to my familia is that I have several loving people who help me take care of my niños. The only bad thing is that this means everyone has to have two cars seats in their car so they can help with school pickup and drop-off when necessary. So, between my car, my husband’s, our nanny’s, my mom’s and my sister’s, all in all we need 10 car seats! Well, you can imagineRead More ...

Wordless Wednesday: ¡Vamos a la playa!

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Living in Colorado is awesome, but it would be completely perfect if it had the ocean! Whenever I travel anywhere near the ocean, I make it a point to go – especially if it’s the Pacific. It calls me. I identify with it. We’re connected. Not only because I’m a pisces, but because I’ve always lived near it. My dad put me in the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean back home in Lima when I was barely aRead More ...

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