Graco Smart Seat™ All-in-One car seatOne of the best parts of living close to my familia is that I have several loving people who help me take care of my niños. The only bad thing is that this means everyone has to have two cars seats in their car so they can help with school pickup and drop-off when necessary. So, between my car, my husband’s, our nanny’s, my mom’s and my sister’s, all in all we need 10 car seats!

Well, you can imagine the cost of that! To avoid this expense, those who don’t really absolutely need to have the car seats just kind of share with those of us who do depending on the situation, so there’s always usually a couple of car seats which go back and forth between cars. (Like between my sister and my husband). But this is always a pain because both my husband and I are freaks about correctly installing car seats – you’d be surprised at how many people think they’ve installed it correctly when they haven’t, which kind of defeats the purpose, if you really think about it.

Anyhow, that’s why I was so intrigued when I heard about Graco’s new Smart Seat™ All-in-One car seat, which is a convertible car seat that comes with a stay-in car base that you only install once and then you just attach the actual car seat. One of the things I miss the most from my kids’ infant car seat days was that all you needed was one car seat and several bases and you were set in a situation like mine where so many people can be the caregivers.

I loved both of the car seats I have in my car, but after taking the new Graco Smart Seat™ All-in-One car seat out of the box, I was pretty blown away by it’s size, quality and all it’s features, including: on-the-go 5-position recline (perfect for my 2-year-old), meets or exceeds all US safety standards, no need to re-thread harness (which means adjustments are quick and easy) and one-hand, 6-position adjustable head rest. The best part is that this convertible car seat fits your child from 5 to 100 pounds!

The car seat is available at Walmart for $299, which sounds pretty steep, but definitely worth the cost when you think about all you’re getting.

So now we’ve installed the new car seat in my car and we’ve bought an additional base which we’ve installed in our nanny’s car and we just need to share the actual car seat without having to ever worry about whether or not it’s installed correctly!

DisclosureAs part of the Walmart Moms program, SpanglishBaby received compensation and the product to facilitate this post. As always, all stories and opinions are our own.

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