My husband is not huge on Father’s Day, but he loves it when Vanessa (and now Santiago) makes stuff for him, whether it is a drawing or a cookie. Since she is out of school already, there wasn’t going to be any crafts made by her as a gift for him on Sunday. Until I found this really cool and easy-to-do craft to make your own stepping stones for your garden. It’s called Made by Me Stepping Stones Kit and you can get it for a mere $9.97 at Walmart.

I think this is the perfect craft, even if you have small children. Both my children participated, but I must warn you, the plaster mix dries up much faster than you’d think. Anyhow, the result is a cool keepsake that Dad can display for everyone to see. My husband loves to take care of the yards in our house and, together, Vanessa and him have created a cute little flower garden right by the entrance of our house.

We will be painting and decorating these together, but I already love that both my children’s handprints are recorded on these stepping stones!

In keeping with the idea of giving the father of my children keepsakes he could cherish, I immediately jumped at the idea of this recordable keepsake book from Hallmark, aptly named, Dad and Me. This book is part of their new Conversations series and I have to say I love it. The idea is that kids say the cutest and funniest things and the book is a place to record these prompted by the questions written on its pages.

While Santiago is still too young to do anything like this, Vanessa was super excited and we recorded all the answers in just one sitting! I translated the questions to Spanish and then let Vanessa answer whatever came to her mind.

Dad and Me is also available at Walmart for $21.99

DisclosureAs part of the Walmart Moms program, we received  compensation and the products to facilitate this post . As always, all stories and opinions are our own.


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