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Halloween Craft: Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

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I’d love to say I’m an ace when it comes to doing crafts, but I simply wasn’t born with that gift. However, I have two small kids who seem to adore creating things with their little hands, and they don’t really care if I’m an expert or not. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for simple, yet fun crafts we can do together. Ever since she started seeing Halloween decorations around our neighborhood earlier this month, my daughter hasRead More ...

Being Bilingual: Shooting a General Mills Commercial in Spanish for Walmart

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After spending many years as a television news producer, I have no problem with cameras… as long as I’m behind them. So to say I was nervous when I was asked to participate in a Walmart commercial about General Mills’ cereals would be an understatement. Part of me wanted to say “No thanks,” but the other part saw it as a really cool opportunity to do something totally different from what I’ve done in the past, and so I acceptedRead More ...

Back to School Snacks Made Easier with Lunchables Jr.

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{This is a sponsored post} My kids will be going back to school in 10 days, which means I’m going crazy getting everything so they can be ready for their first day. Besides all the required materials, I also need to get back into gear in terms of lunches and snacks. I’m not the most creative mom when it comes to packing their lunch boxes and, in all honesty, mornings are so crazy that I normally don’t have all theRead More ...

Expose Your Kids to Even More Music in Spanish With Flips Audio Headphones

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Music is a constant in our bilingual home. My almost 7-year-old daughter has an iPod mini and both kids have CD players in their rooms. We try to expose our kids to all kinds of genres, but since we’re raising them bilingual, we have a nice selection of children’s music in Spanish. Like most kids, mine love the idea of wearing headphones to listen to music, but my son is still too little for any to fit comfortably without falling outRead More ...

Two Kitchen Gadgets That Promise to Make My Life Easier in the Kitchen

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Those who know me well know I’m no good in the kitchen. I love to eat, but not to cook, which is really weird because my father was an ace in the kitchen, but sadly, I didn’t inherit any of his culinary talents. Even so, I have to cook for my kids and husband regardless of my cooking abilities. So, anything that will make this busy mom’s life easier in this arena is always welcomed! That’s why when Walmart gaveRead More ...

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