The sun finally came out in Denver this weekend. We were so ready for it.

One thing I enjoy about the change in seasons is the expectation that comes with it. Spring has been unusual in Denver, with lots of (much needed) water, gray clouds and little sunshine.

As soon as it gets just warm enough that you no longer need a jacket, we spend a lot of time outside. This should’ve already happened a long time ago. But it has taken a lot longer to happen this Spring.

Since the kids have been pretty much home thanks to the rain, when we found out it was going to be sunny this Memorial Day weekend, we went to Walmart to stock up on all things fun and summer!

My son is totally into bubbles so I made sure to get plenty of those. Here’s what we got:

My daughter has a fascination with sidewalk chalk and recently used the ones from her blackboard to draw a carrot for the neighborhood bunnies on our driveway. Needless to say, she was out of chalk fairly quickly. I wanted to get her some heavy duty ones that would last more than one time and she was hooked as soon as she saw this:

  • Crayola 3-D Jungle Activity Set — I have to admit that even I’ve been enjoying the plastic 3-D glasses! How come they didn’t have this when I was a child?

Finally, we always try to have some kind of water feature for them to use in the backyard. Sometimes it’s an inflatable toy pool, some other times it’s just a sprinkler. This time around we decided to go with a beach ball that acts as sprinkler too! Check it out:

My daughter told us she’s played with it before at summer camp and although it wasn’t scorching hot just yet, my kids did have a blast getting wet and playing with the beach ball.

DisclosureAs part of the Walmart Moms program, we received  compensation and the products to facilitate this post . As always, all stories and opinions are our own.




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