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Ruby is a wife and mother to 2 little ones. She is the Blogger at where she blogs about raising her kids to be proud of their 2 cultures- Black and Mexican. Her family recently moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and are transitioning from being a military family to a civilian family. She is passionate about family, education and all things crafty.

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Upcycled Container for Snacks on the Go {Craft}

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April is Earth month! Did you celebrate Earth Day last week? We did! The kids and I are now on a mission to use at least one recycled item in our crafts. Here is our latest Upcycled Container craft: The Snacks on the Go! It is the perfect container to hold the yummiest snacks from trail mix to fish crackers or any of your favorite dry snacks. To create your own personalized snacks on the go container here is what you will need: -A Powder DrinkRead More ...

Día de los Niños Parachute {Craft}

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Día de los Niños is something newly celebrated in our family. We attended our first  Día de los Niños event just two years ago and it was a hit with the kids. One of the most important things I remember my son took from the event was his handmade craft. He was only 18 months then, but he was so happy with his little craft. Every year now I try to take the time to create a little special suprise for theRead More ...

Amiguitos Conejitos: Cascarones With A Modern Twist

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Cascarones have always been a big tradition and staple of fun when it came to celebrating Easter as a child in my Mexican family. When a confetti egg is broken over your head it is a sign of good luck. While cascarones are normally filled with confetti, flour, and other messy ingredients, I decided this year the kids could make them a little different. We created  little bunny eggs  for each of us. This will take cracking them open to another level. Instead of just confetti,Read More ...

De Colores Hand Kites

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It’s officially spring!!! The weather has been gorgeous in Jersey and the kiddos have been so excited to play outside. Since my little ones are too young to really fly an actual kite, I thought it would be fun to make our own Hand Kites. As colorful as the kites turned out, it was only right to take this chance to teach them one of my favorite songs: De Colores. I used to sing this all the time with myRead More ...

Osito de la Amistad Puppet {Craft}

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What can be cuter than pretend play with this osito de la amistad puppet? My kids love their stuffed animals especially this old raggedy looking bear. I wanted them to express their love and friendship through pretend play. I knew that creating my favorite childhood activity-a paper bag puppet- would encourage them to do so. Here are the step-by-step directions to make one of your own. Supplies Paper bag glue marker and pencil scissors 2 sheets of 8.5×11 colored paper 1 sheetRead More ...

Recycled Reyes Magos {Craft}

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El Día de los Reyes Magos has been special to me since I was a kid. It was no question that I would celebrate with my kids as well. I decided to kick it up a notch this year by creating a craft to go along with our day. Much like Christmas, my grandmother would adorn our mantle with all the grandkid’s stockings, yes, all 12 of them. We never did do a craft, not even at school. This craftRead More ...

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