Recycled Reyes Magos {Craft}

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Recycled Reyes Magos
El Día de los Reyes Magos has been special to me since I was a kid. It was no question that I would celebrate with my kids as well.

I decided to kick it up a notch this year by creating a craft to go along with our day. Much like Christmas, my grandmother would adorn our mantle with all the grandkid’s stockings, yes, all 12 of them. We never did do a craft, not even at school.

This craft consists of recycled plastic bottles and a couple other items you just might have around the house!

Recycled Reyes Magos_supplies

Supplies List:
1.Adhesive- Preferably glue or glue dots.
2. Felt- at least 2 different colors. I used 8.5×11 sheets
3. Googly eyes – optional
4. Jewels- these are self-adhesive, but anything works.
5. Glittered card stock- this is also self-adhesive- you can always make your own with card stock, glue and glitter.
6. Black Marker
7. Decorative scissors
8. Regular Scissors
9. Plastic Bottles- any size- mix them up to give your craft a different look. I used small-sized milk jugs.Remember you need 3 bottles.Let’s get started!

Recycled Reyes Magos_steps1_4

1. Cut a rectangular piece of felt according to your bottle size. Adhere it to the center of your bottle. Leave room at top for the King’s face. This will be part of their clothing.

2. Cut a triangular piece of a different color of felt. Again, all according to the size of your bottle, you want it to ultimately wrap around the body to create a cape.

3. Round off the pointy part of the felt before adhering. This will be the bottom of the cape.

4. Wrap around the bottle and adhere it to the center of the rectangular piece of felt you already have on the bottle.

Recycled Reyes Magos_steps5_8

5. Adhere the eyes or draw them on with the black marker. Draw a smiley face as well and any other face details you’d like.

6. Take a strip of the glitter card stock. Measure it around the top of the bottle or wherever you would like it placed. Once measured, cut using decorative scissors. This will be the king’s crown.

7. Adhere it to the bottle and secure it with an extra piece of adhesive on the seams of the crown.

8. Decorate your king’s clothing. Place the jewels as buttons or make your own from left over felt. Sky’s the limit.

Make 2 more Kings and you are done!

I hope Los Reyes shower your little ones with lots of goodies!
Recycled Reyes Magos

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