Nuestra Comunidad GlobalOne of the best parts of raising bilingual and bicultural children is that from the get go they are exposed to more than just one culture. Plus, because both my husband and I have family outside the United States, my children have had the opportunity to travel and experience how people live in other countries.

So I was intrigued when I saw a set of three books entitled Nuestra Comunidad Global (Our Global Community) on Scholastic’s Club Leo catalog and I decide to choose it as my pick for the January Scholastic Parent Circle.

I am glad I did! Each book covers a different topic, so there’s one about musical instruments, another one about markets and the third one is about houses all from around the world. Reading them has given me the opportunity to talk to my daughter not only about geography (one of my favorite topics!), but also about cultures that she knew nothing about.

Without a doubt, the vibrant photos are what really make these very short and slim books interesting. My daughter’s favorite book is the one about houses (or hogares like the book calls them in Spanish. My daughter wasn’t familiar with the word, so she got a little lesson on synonyms.) She liked the tree house and the floating house the most. The text is extremely simple, which is great for my daughter who is just learning how to read.

Each books contains an illustrated glossary and additional information about each of the topics covered. The one about musical instruments, for example, groups instruments by kind at the end of the book. So I got to talk to my daughter about wind, string and percussion instruments.

(P.S. After some research, I found out there are other topics in the series, including schools, families, games and clothing. I think I’ll be checking those out too!)

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