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tres reyes magos película animada three wise men film spanish mexicoDid you know the first ever animated film done 100% in México is Los Tres Reyes Magos? Yes, that´s right and completely appropriate since Reyes Magos (Three King´s Day) is a cultural and religious tradition which Latinos and Spaniards have cherished for generations.

In 1974, film directors Adolfo Torres Portillo and Fernando Ruiz, who had previously worked at the Disney animation studios, animated the classic story of the Three Wise Men who go on a journey to find baby Jesus to welcome him to this world and shower him with gifts.

What´s beautiful and unique about this film is that Mary and Joseph are portrayed as native Mexican Indians and there are plenty of scenes where the folk costumes of the areas are portrayed. Also, most of the score and original music, such as “Las Posadas” song, were created using traditional regional Mexican styles.

If you´re looking for a simple, well-done animated film in Spanish to teach your kids the Reyes Magos story, then we recommend you get the DVD (affiliate link); it will be an excellent addition to your classic-and even historical!-film library.

We found on YouTube the film in several parts if you want to check it out immediately since the celebration is now only days away. Here´s the first eight minutes of the film:


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