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 After Papá Noel has come and gone – 12 days later, to be exact – there is another round of celebration yet to arrive. El Día de los Reyes, celebrated in various ways in several Spanish-speaking countries, is the day that commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men. Food, letter writing, and parades abound as children wait for them to appear.

Because there are so many different Reyes traditions throughout the Latino world, a great way to teach your kids about this day is to consult our favorite source: ¡libros!

As always, you can consult La Tiendita for these and all bilingual holiday reading suggestions.

Una muñeca para el Día de Reyes by Esmeralda Santiago

Los Tres Reyes (a caballo) by Carmen Rivera Lassen

Los Tres Reyes Magos/The Three Wise Men by Elizabeth Budner

Los Reyes Magos llegan de noche… by Manuel Fernandez Juncos

¡Ya llegan los Reyes Magos! by Georgina Lazaro

Los Reyes Magos by Lourdes M. Alvarez

The Firefly Star: A Hispanic Tale (Three Kings Day) by Sandra Robbins

Three Kings Day by Beatriz McConnie Zapater

Celebra la Navidad y el Día de los Reyes Magos con Pablo y Carlitos by Campoy Isabel

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