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As I’ve mentioned several times before, my daughter has been learning how to read in English at school and coming home and transferring what she’s learning into Spanish. Although we have tons of books in Spanish at home, we don’t really have a lot of books for early readers. I’m not a huge fan of translations and so I’ve kind of stayed away from those, so I was curious to see what Scholastic Club Leo‘s Paquete Amigos Favoritos — a set of three books specifically for children who are just learning how to read — was all about.

The packet includes the following titles:

  • Clifford y los dinosaurios
  • Hombre mosca conoce a chica mosca
  • Bizcocho sale a pasear

Whenever I get more than one book, I don’t like to give them to my daughter all at once because she won’t concentrate on each one individually. This time was no exception. So I decided to give her the last one on the list above: Bizcocho sale a pasear.

I never imagined that she’d be so happy to get it, but it turns out that she’s seen and read other books from the series from her school’s library. In English, they’re called Biscuit and she couldn’t believe I’d gotten a version in Spanish. I’m not sure why it was, but she was simply ecstatic that she recognized the character and that she was able to read in Spanish a book with which she is familiar in English.

She was able to read the whole book all by herself even though it does contain a few difficult words such as simpático and revolcarse. She didn’t really get them the first time around, but that’s because she wants to read faster than what she currently can. She loves the book so much that she offers to read it to anybody willing to listen!

Just last week, I gave her the Hombre mosca conoce a chica mosca and although she didn’t recognize it, she has been really excited about reading it because it’s divided into chapters. Go figure!

I plan on giving her the Clifford one tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll love it too because we already have a few of these in Spanish.

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