De Colores Hand Kites

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It’s officially spring!!! The weather has been gorgeous in Jersey and the kiddos have been so excited to play outside.

Since my little ones are too young to really fly an actual kite, I thought it would be fun to make our own Hand Kites.

As colorful as the kites turned out, it was only right to take this chance to teach them one of my favorite songs: De Colores. I used to sing this all the time with my grandparents.

If you don’t know the song  you can find the lyrics here in Spanish and English. 


Here is what you will need to make a De Colores Hand Kite of your own:

handkite_supplies 1-Tape



4-Piercing tool


6-Glitter Glue


8-A cardboard ornament


Let’s get started!



Step 1- Color your ornament. We made hearts, circles, and stars so any shape works. After you color it, decorate it with glitter glue.

Step 2- While you wait for your glitter to dry, cut your ribbon in all different sizes. 5-8 pieces of ribbon worked best.


Step 3- ADULT STEP- With a piercing tool or your scissors pierce the cardboard where you desire your ribbon to dangle from. If you choose the bottom like we did, Make sure to give yourself enough space to not break your hole open. Make sure the hole is big enough to put ribbon through.


Step 4- Get your ribbon and push it through the new hole. If you loop it through it works best. Make sure pull all ribbon through leaving none behind.


Step 5- once the ribbon is all through the hole, pull them to look evenly on each side. Tie a knot and then another to create a double not to secure your ribbon. On the back of your new kite to secure the ribbon from moving add a piece of tape. This should keep it in place. All Done!

Now go and set your kites free and don’t forget to sing De Colores!


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