las aventuras de medias y botas socks and boots bilingual spanish app

We’re delighted to have found out about the Socks n Boots series of digital stories to teach kids valuable life lessons. This month of March, in support of  National Reading Month, the eBook and iPad App of “Socks n Boots Adventures” can be downloaded for free in over 100 countries.

We applaud the app developers for making their other three digital stories–”Share,” “Afraid of the Dark,” and “Play it Safe” available in eight languages, including Spanish. You can download them for free as an ebook, or for the iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android phones this whole month! An augmented version of the e-book will also be available equipped with sign language.

Sock n Boots, an educational and visually-stimulating storybook collection for children ages 1-8, will certainly entertain and make your kids laugh at loud at the antics of a silly pair of friends: una media y una bota!

The read-out-loud voice in the Spanish versions is native and the pace is slow and well-pronounced so Spanish-speakers at any level will be able to follow and enjoy; we sure did!

Find Socks n Boots download links at or

Available for eBook, iPhone/iPod, iPad and Android

Recommended for ages 1-8

Price: FREE during March

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