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Ruby is a wife and mother to 2 little ones. She is the Blogger at where she blogs about raising her kids to be proud of their 2 cultures- Black and Mexican. Her family recently moved from the West Coast to the East Coast and are transitioning from being a military family to a civilian family. She is passionate about family, education and all things crafty.

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Calaverita Felt Magnets Day of the Dead Craft

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Dia De los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is one of our favorite celebrations. The kids enjoy the dressing up and crafting while I enjoy bringing my grandparents back to life. This year I wanted the kids to make something to go along with the theme of calaveritas. We enjoy decorating the skull faces with bright colors and shapes much like an authentic sugar skull. These are perfect for Halloween or Día de los Muertos. To create your own calaverita here is whatRead More ...

Papel Picado Flags to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month {Craft}

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This weekend the kids and I are preparing to attend our first ever Festival to celebrate Mexican Independence Day! With the Fiestas Patrias coming up I felt it was only right to teach the kids a little more of our Mexican culture and so we’re crafting for Hispanic Heritage Month! Since we will be attending a festival that is said to have a parade, what better way to show our pride then by waving colorful Papel Picado Flags! Papel picadoRead More ...

Back to School DIY Activity Sign

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It’s that time of the year again when routine must kick back into gear because school is back in session. I’ve been working with the kids on our own routine here at home. I learned early on how kids loved to know and to pick what activity would be next as well as letting others know what they were up to. This activity sign is the best thing yet especially if you have other kids in the neighborhood who mayRead More ...

Grilled Love – A Father’s Day Craft

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If I could choose the one thing my husband and my father have the most in common it is definitely grilling. That is why when I was thinking of something the kids could create for dad and grandpa this super cute mini grill “Grilled Love”  keepsake tin was the perfect idea. Amor a la Parilla can’t get any cuter than this! To create this Father’s Day craft here is what you need: 1-Toilet paper rolls(2- cut in half. You willRead More ...

Paper Pinwheels {Craft}

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Summer is near and if there is anything we love most is all the outdoor and indoor activities and decorations we can make . Bright colors whimsical decorations really make summer special for us. Pinwheels are one of the easiest and affordable crafts to make for any occasion. The kids and I decided to bring some summer cheer to our home with different patterned paper pinwheels. You can easily make a batch of 4 pinwheels for less than $6 To make someRead More ...

Paper Flores: Mother’s Day Bouquet {craft}

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Mother’s Day (Día de las Madres) is almost here! Even though I am the mama and should be getting all the gifts with the kiddos I thought it would be nice to create a gift with them for me! This of course is the sweetest handmade gift you could give anyone else on any other occasion. Perfect for those who don’t like the phase of the flower dying. This Mother’s Day bouquet of  paper flores is everlasting! To make aRead More ...

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