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Elsie Rivas Gomez is a mother, wife, teacher, and writer living in Pasadena, CA. She was born in El Salvador and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her first collection of poetry, Swimming in El Rio Sumpul, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. You can find her blogging over at MamaFeminista.

Twitter: ergomez

World Discovering: Ceramics Version

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World Discovering: Ceramics Version As a Current Ceramics musician and performer, I discover myself always gravitating in regards towards the ceramics from the past plus the methods together with mediums historic artists useful to create pottery and glazes. On my voyage to learn more about this unique, I wasted this past summer season exploring traditional pottery for Italy and Greece. We started my very own trip from the old village of Deruta, Italy, participating in Majolica instructional classes at theRead More ...

How to Choose a school: A Do it yourself Guide

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How to Choose a school: A Do it yourself Guide How to choose a school that’s right for you; what a problematic question! The good news: individuals than 5, 500 colleges and universities in the US. Best of all news: most faculties accept college students, with the domestic average within 65. 8% in 2014 (source). Nevertheless which of your 4, 400 is right for your needs? High school therapists can be a excellent support during the college approach and manyRead More ...

For the pressured (almost) first year…

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For the pressured (almost) first year… I’m a gal that likes a insights so here is one for you. Firstly, take a breath and even chill out (easier said compared with done, I understand. ) You probably have a few questions about what you should be doing it summer previously your first yr and also many fears related to moving to a new spot with different people. Gowns totally normal- college generally is a terrifying condition. I’ll advise you rightRead More ...

Tufts: just where I can be considered Poet-Biologist-Linguist

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Tufts: just where I can be considered Poet-Biologist-Linguist 3 years ago, i first thought I had be going to college, Tufts wasn’t perhaps on the list of colleges that I would definitely apply to. I had been (and nonetheless am) in love with idea of majoring in Instruction, and got approved to two colleges for that; life (aka scholarships requirements) forced that totally out of the way, u deferred faculty for a season while continuous to go through Countrywide ServiceRead More ...

Category is usually… Me! Portion 2

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Category is usually… Me! Portion 2 Final semester was obviously a wild drive from start to finish, and I wasn’t able to web site as much as I wanted to. Since I’m rear at Tufts with a new plate of sessions, I worked it would be a fun time to write the part of very own ‘Category Is… Me’ weblog. This blog post is specializing in Tufts Admissions. In senior high school, I customers my school’s admissions office environment toRead More ...

Just Just Exactly How Crucial is Physical Attraction to You?

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Just Just Exactly How Crucial is Physical Attraction to You? Though we encourage our eHarmony users to first concentrate on their matches’ internal characteristics, we realize that physical attraction is essential, and, sooner or later, people will utilize this quality to gauge matches because they look for their someone special. Many people and non-members nevertheless think looks is considered the most or one of the more essential qualities to think about when someone’s partner potential that is evaluating. Therefore andRead More ...

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