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A Halloween Boo Fest with Jorge el Curioso

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and WGBH. Just in time for Halloween, PBS Kids is premiering the first ever Curious George Halloween special called “A Halloween Boo Fest” Monday, Oct. 28. We got an advance copy and my kids and I sat down to watch this super cute movie starring Jorge el Curioso and we had so much fun! The movie is all about the legendary No Noggin, a spooky scarecrow who isRead More ...

PBS KIDS Launches Over 25 Online Games in Spanish!

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This is one announcement that has us incredibly excited and hopeful that the mission we’ve all embarked in together to teach Spanish to our children is being taken seriously by those companies we rely on for educational and entertainment resources for them. We’re thrilled to be PBS KIDS Parent Ambassadors and be able to break the news to you that they just announced more than 25 PBS KIDS games are now available in Spanish. Join the Cat in the Hat, CuriousRead More ...

Latino Americans Documentary – Bilingual Twitter Party

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  We’re happy to share with you that this Tuesday, September 17th PBS will be airing the first part of a six-hour documentary titled  LATINO AMERICANS. We love that our kids will have this beautiful and well-researched resource to learn about the impact that Latinos have made on this great country that we live in. Not only will this be a great opportunity for our older niños to learn more about Latino history in the U.S. but it will also beRead More ...

16 Online Educational Resources in Spanish for #BilingualKids

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Since my kids aren’t lucky enough to attend a dual language immersion school, I have to figure out ways to expose them to Spanish in an academic setting at home. That’s why I’m always scouring the web for online resources that will help me teach them concepts in subjects like math, science and geography in Spanish. Hope you find these resources helpful! And please feel free to add any others ones you and your children use so we can makeRead More ...

PBS KIDS – Healthy Eating + Learning Math With Peg + Cat

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Many of the activities I take part in with my kids have an educational factor. I’ve turned to PBSKIDS.ORG many times to keep them entertained with activities and crafts that are age-appropriate, fun, and star their favorite characters! PBS KIDS has an amazing new series coming October 7th named Peg+Cat! Peg + Cat is based off the books “The chicken problem” by  the show’s creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson.  It’s focused on preschool math and problem-solving skills. We wereRead More ...

Latino Americans on PBS + Educational Curriculum in English and Spanish

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The start of Hispanic Heritage Month is still a couple of months away, but we can’t wait to let you know about  LATINO AMERICANS — the first major (and bilingual!) documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos. The much-anticipated series, narrated by Benjamin Bratt, will air on PBS on September and October, 2013: Tuesdays – September 17, September 24 and October 1 – 8-10 p.m. ET. Additionally, the series will broadcast nationally in Spanish on Vme, the Spanish-language channel on publicRead More ...

Four Spanish Apps for Preschoolers

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Finding one great educational Spanish app is exciting enough, but discovering FOUR that go together? ¡Fantástico! TribalNova’s educational program Aprendes Con has recently launched with four diverse apps for preschoolers: Aprendes Con Boing: Planeta Boing Aprendes Con Boing: ¡Aventuras en la sábana! Aprendes Con Poko: ¡Contar y sumar! Aprendes Con Bo: ¡La alimentación! By the developers of PBS Kids Play!, these apps challenge kids with math skills (counting and basic adding), science (particularly nutrition), language, and following directions. Kids alsoRead More ...

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