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Four Spanish Apps for Preschoolers

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Finding one great educational Spanish app is exciting enough, but discovering FOUR that go together? ¡Fantástico!

TribalNova’s educational program Aprendes Con has recently launched with four diverse apps for preschoolers:

Aprendes Con Boing: Planeta Boing

Aprendes Con Boing: ¡Aventuras en la sábana!

Aprendes Con Poko: ¡Contar y sumar!

Aprendes Con Bo: ¡La alimentación!

By the developers of PBS Kids Play!, these apps challenge kids with math skills (counting and basic adding), science (particularly nutrition), language, and following directions. Kids also get to simply have fun creating characters and collecting prizes – items collected from outer space.

Not only do these apps track important abilities for the preschool age group, but they are visually attractive and there is always something cute to listen to or look at. All directions and questions are in clear, accurate Spanish. I like that the apps are teaching other school-related skills while also testing Spanish listening ability. Since the apps aren’t Spanish-centered, yet are entirely conducted in Spanish, they make for a perfect method of sneaking language into the playtime of kids who might be rebelling against all things español.

As a bonus, signing up for an account allows parents to track a child’s progress across all four apps. When your child completes a level, you’ll receive an email. You can see statistics showing where he/she stands in relation to other children his/her age and recommendations for moving forward.

Find Planeta Boing, ¡Aventuras en la sábana!, ¡Contar y sumar!, ¡La alimentación!  in iTunes

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Recommended for ages 3-6

Price: FREE (one lesson for each app; $2.99 to unlock each complete app)

Enjoy these four apps and then check out more from Aprendes Con on Facebook.

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