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healthy eating + learning math with peg + cat

Many of the activities I take part in with my kids have an educational factor. I’ve turned to PBSKIDS.ORG many times to keep them entertained with activities and crafts that are age-appropriate, fun, and star their favorite characters!

PBS KIDS has an amazing new series coming October 7th named Peg+Cat! Peg + Cat is based off the books “The chicken problem” by  the show’s creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson.  It’s focused on preschool math and problem-solving skills. We were able to check out the series before its premiere and my kiddos had such a great time watching and helping Peg solve math problems. Peg has such a cute personality and her Cat is amazingly smart.

PBS KIDS also announced some pretty exciting news. They’ve partnered up with Whole Foods Markets to encourage a lifetime of healthy eating. Already they have recipes, tips, games and activities to promote healthy eating in our families.

We recreated Peg +Cat The Pirate’s “Great Banana” Fruit Salad Recipe and Craft Activity and the kids had loads of fun!

peg + cat recipe and craft

This activity gave me the opportunity to visit my local Whole Foods Market with my family to pick up fresh organic fruit for our salad.

PEG + CAT excited for grapes

Visiting Whole Foods was so much fun with the kids. We had our list and went on an adventure to find all the fruit for our salad. Everyone pitched in to make sure we had everything we needed. My kids even practiced the names of the fruits and counting in Spanish!

PEGPLUSCAT counting all our fruit

At home, we created our very own treasure chest thanks to the easy directions on

pegpluscat craft

 I had the kids finish up their craft and on to the kitchen we took our new treasure chest waiting to be filled with a healthy fruit salad.

pegpluscat treasure chest craft

Next, we followed directions to prepare our fruit salad. “Wash all the fruit going into the salad,” my daughter had the best time helping.

pegpluscat learning to wash our fruit

 We had the kids recite with us how many of each fruit we needed to cut. This was such a fun way to incorporate math skills.  We then had the kids scoop the fruit pieces into their treasure chest as directed: 5 bananas, 6 strawberries… and so on. The kids had it down perfect

pegpluscat counting fruit pieces

The kids loved their salad. The fruit was fresh and sweet, the perfect combination of flavors. They were so proud to have been a part of creating our family snack. I was happy to incorporate  math into our activities. The best part was seeing the kids understand the basic math skills and to be able to also practice our Spanish with math and healthy eating! I look forward to our next PBS KIDS activity!

For more information on Peg+Cat and healthy eating activities visit

Be sure to check your local listing for Peg+Cat series premiere October 7th!

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