A Halloween Boo Fest with Jorge el Curioso

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Just in time for Halloween, PBS Kids is premiering the first ever Curious George Halloween special called “A Halloween Boo Fest” Monday, Oct. 28. We got an advance copy and my kids and I sat down to watch this super cute movie starring Jorge el Curioso and we had so much fun!

The movie is all about the legendary No Noggin, a spooky scarecrow who is known to kick the hats of the heads of trick-o-treaters every Halloween. But is this a folk tale or a true story? That’s what Curious George will attempt to find out.

Santiago was a just a tiny bit scared during certain parts of the movie, but not enough to not want to watch it two times in a row. At 7 years old, I thought Vanessa wouldn’t be that interested, but she loves Jorge el Curioso, so she really enjoyed it.

Before I let my kids watch the movie a second time, I decided to take advantage of the movie’s theme to talk to them a bit about legends, folk tales and fables. And I did that while we made these super cute Scarecrow Cookies in honor of No Noggin.


These cookies were not only fun for my kids to make, but they were so easy that even my 4-year-old was able to help, which made him real happy! All you need for these Espantapajaros cookies is:

  • Sugar cookies (face)
  • White frosting
  • Wafers (hat)
  • Bran cereal (hair)
  • Chocolate chips (eyes)
  • Corn candy (nos)
  • Chocolate sprinkles (mouth)

A Halloween Boo Fest with Jorge el Curioso

It took us no time to make a dozen cookies that the kids shared with their best friend and also their babysitter. They were so happy of their accomplishment. Hopefully, they also understood what I tried to to teach them about fables and folktales. Now that we’ve talked a bit about the topic, I’m going to be on the lookout for some books in folktales in Spanish to reinforce what we discussed.

A Halloween Boo Fest with Jorge el Curioso

All in all, we had a great movie night! By the way, along with the movie, a bilingual book called Curious George va a una fiesta de disfraces, we also got some fun activities you can download for your kids to enjoy too:

Spanish: http://to.pbs.org/19Ls6UU ; http://to.pbs.org/194FvX7

English: http://to.pbs.org/16KfblE ; http://to.pbs.org/GZwiGD

And don’t miss the premiere of A Halloween Boo Fest on Oct. 28 on PBS Kids.

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