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PBS Kids Lab – Now en Español!

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PBS KIDS Lab is a free website from our friends at PBS Kids which offers “more than 50 cross-platform games designed to help children ages 2-8 build critical math skills.” – Now PBS has announced the addition of bilingual translations of parental instructions and resources, activities, and a new blog series with content related to kids and media. Start out at the PBS Kids Lab in Spanish and from there you can navigate the site. Click “Todos los juegos” andRead More ...

Growing Hope Against Hunger With Sesame Street

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My girl and I have a ritual every single night to give thanks for our health and all the blessings we receive every day.  Now that she’s four and can grasp more concepts, I’ve started introducing a prayer for all the babies and kids in the world that don’t have a family to care for them, a home to sleep in or food to feed them.  This bit has really impacted my girl because she can’t believe some kids haveRead More ...

Kids + TV: What They Watch Does Matter

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Spongebob Squarepants is not good for your 4-year-old’s brain – at least that’s what a new study from the University of Virginia says. Researchers divided sixty 4-year-olds into three groups. The first group watched a 9-minute clip of Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants, the second watched a 9-minute clip of PBS’s Caillou, and the third group drew pictures for nine minutes instead of watching television. When the nine minutes was up, each group was tested in what psychologists call “executive function.” TheRead More ...

Hispanic Heritage Celebrated on Kids TV

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Hispanic Heritage Month is here, and what better time to teach our kids a little more about our history. Since we Latinos are very diverse, it’s great to be able to teach our kids a little more about not only our family’s history, but about the history of Latinos throughout North, Central, and South America, and all the beautiful islands in the Caribbean. See? We’ve got so much to cover! Now let’s face it, our kids love to watch TV,Read More ...

Mexico’s President Takes Us On a Royal Tour

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Mexico The Royal Tour Peter Greenberg Vme PBS

Can you imagine being taken on an all-access tour that crisscrosses the rich and diverse country of Mexico with the one person that holds the golden master key: the President?  Well, that’s exactly the VIP virtual treatment you will get on September 22nd when PBS broadcasts nationwide Mexico The Royal Tour, hosted by Peter Greenberg. Greenberg, the nation’s most-respected travel news journalist, has already been on royal tours with the president of Peru, the Prime Ministers of Jamaica and New Zealand andRead More ...

Soar With Reading and Keep Learning Through Travel

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We all know that traveling offers great language learning opportunities for our family. So when we have the freedom to do so we hype our kids up about travel plans, and by the time we’re on the plane our little sponges are eager and ready to get going. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, why do airlines only cater to the adults on the flights? What about our kids? There are many ways to take advantage of your travels and turnRead More ...

Elmo Speaks to SpanglishBaby en Español…Un Poquito

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Being Elmo PBS Kevin Clash Independent Lens

How cute is this video?  My daughter couldn´t stop smiling when I played it for her and started laughing when she heard him saying the few words he knows en español. I shot this video this weekend during the PBS portion of the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Los Angeles. In the video you get to see Elmo´s puppeteer and creator, Kevin Clash.  They were presenting a very special and award-winning documentary, Being Elmo:  A Puppeteer´s Journey, which willRead More ...

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