We all know that traveling offers great language learning opportunities for our family. So when we have the freedom to do so we hype our kids up about travel plans, and by the time we’re on the plane our little sponges are eager and ready to get going. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, why do airlines only cater to the adults on the flights? What about our kids? There are many ways to take advantage of your travels and turn them into learning experiences, so why not start on the way there? A long plane ride can be an adventure in itself providing you with hours to explore new worlds through reading.

For those of you traveling soon, JetBlue has partnered with PBS Kids and launched Soar with Reading – a program to keep kids reading during their travel adventures. JetBlue offers a fun in-flight tote packed with activities for kids.

Your child can listen to Steve Songs new album “Marvelous Day!” (we do hope they include something to play it on during the plane), read A Good Night for Ghosts by Mary Pope Osborn, and stay engaged with Soar with Reading, an activity booklet to keep them excited about reading.

The Soar with Reading campaign will also support public libraries, community reading events, and a partnership with FirstBook, a nonprofit organization that provides new books to kids in need.  For every person that signs up to the site, JetBlue will donate one book to a child through First Book.

We do hope, and the request is in, they start including bilingual reading material as well. The reading fun can begin even before your flight if you visit their website which offers more PBS Kids-related activities for your child. It’s a great way to keep your kids exploring and learning through travel.

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