Photo by Jack Louis Batchelor

Photo by Jack Louis Batchelor

For the last two months Roxana and I have been writing posts and sharing information about the dangers of the toxins in the air we breathe and the prevalence of asthma among Latino kids.

We’ve also shared with you simple ways in which you can join us in spreading awareness and advocating for clean air because we truly believe that if we can be activists, so can you.

And now we’re respectfully coming to you with one last plea to click on this link and take two minutes (or less) to fill out the info, then hit Send Message. What you will have done is sent an urgent comment to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) letting them know you are a concerned parent that supports their proposed limits on toxic air pollutions from power plants.

We only have TWO days left to comment on this so important Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Rule that the EPA introduced last March and will limit the amount of toxic pollutants (like the mercury we avoided so much when pregnant) spewed everyday into our air and that invisibly is harming our health and that of the most vulnerable–our kids.

Millions and millions of dollars are being invested by lobbyists representing the coal companies to avoid any regulations on their dangerous emissions.  We don’t have their money, but we do have clout when we unite and make our voices heard. Congress needs to listen to us, the ones that put them there. But we need to make it a roar so they will listen.

We only have three more days until the comment deadline of August 5th.

Here’s the link again.  Click it. It’s only two minutes that can avoid our air and waters getting even more disgusting than they already are.

We owe it to our niñ0s.


Disclosure:  We are receiving a small honorarium for our time writing, speaking and participating in events as part of the Moms Clean Air Force. Be sure that we would not associate our names, likeness and blog if we did not believe in the cause

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