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Ask an Expert: Is What I am Doing Enough for my Daughter to Speak Spanish?

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Today we welcome yet another new expert to our ever-growing Ask an Expert panel. Please welcome bilingual educator and founder of the Boca Beth Spanish learning series, Beth Butler. Christine, mother to one girl, sent us this question: “I am very fluent in English and probably about 75% fluent in Spanish. Although I am a native speaker, I lost most of my Spanish when I moved to the US at age 6, and only brushed up once a year onRead More ...

Raising Bilingual Children in a Digital Nation

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Last week I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from PBS inviting me to join a group of Los Angeles mom bloggers to meet the producers of Digital Nation– the newest Frontline documentary to air on Feb. 2, 2010 that explores how technology affects the way we live.  They were eager to meet with us to hear our thoughts on how the explosion of digital media is affecting our children’s life and the way we, as a family, interact.Read More ...

Video of the Week: Sid el Niño Científico

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It’s extremely gratifying when I get word that a respected brand and/or company has taken the decision to create materials which are relevant to our Spanish-English bilingual children. It’s one more step towards creating the awareness that our children are growing up in a global and diverse community with its own set of needs. That’s why I was excited to find out that KCET, local public TV station for Central and Southern California, and The Jim Henson Company have teamedRead More ...

Take advantage of Hispanic Heritage Month

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Today is the first day of a month-long celebration of anything and everything Hispanic, or Latino, as we like to call ourselves. Over 20 years ago, then President Ronald Reagan enacted into law Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day period which starts on September 15th and ends on October 15th to recognize the contributions of Hispanics in this country. Today, September 15th, has always been a fiesta day in my calendar since my second home-El Salvador- celebrates the anniversary of itsRead More ...

Elmo and Sesame Street Helping our Kids through Tough Times

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It´s no secret now that SpanglishBaby is a real fan of Sesame Workshop and all they do.  They just seem to have it together…for real. In our case of parents raising bi-cultural and bilingual children they constantly give us tools to make the journey more fun and inclusive of our children. Especially in the case of promoting a  bilingual, bi-cultural and global awareness through their shows.  Remember Celia Cruz performing with a cast of muppets?  Or how about Global GroverRead More ...

Video of the Week::Caillou

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My daughter’s current obsession is Caillou, a Canadian children’s television show based on the books by Christine L’Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux.  Caillou is a bald-headed, four-year old who loves exploring his world. Caillou is originally broadcast in French, but the Spanish versions can easily be found on YouTube.  PBS airs the English versions in the US. This is one of my girl’s favorite episodes: Caillou y el Gran Tobogán Remember to head over to our new sister site-SpanglishBabyFinds-for yourRead More ...

Yo Quiero Links!

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I know it’s been a couple of weeks without our regular Sunday, Yo Quiero Links! post and I’m sorry for that… Summers are just crazy that way! It was my daughter’s birthday last Sunday, so I was pretty much swamped the whole weekend preparing for an awesome party where she – from the contagious sound of her genuine laughter – appears to have had a lot of fun! Anyhow, there’s much to share with you this Sunday, so let’s getRead More ...

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