Here you’ll find a list of bilingual (Spanish/English) websites for your kids to enjoy some meaningful and interactive computer time while learning the language.

Interactive Websites

  • Maya y Miguel–website in Spanish with interactive games, printouts, recipes and more from the popular PBS show.
  • PBS Kids GO!–video player of favorite PBS Kids shows in Spanish.
  • ¡Leamos en Familia!by Reading is Fundamental–interactive website designed to help Latino families read, sing and share stories together at home.
  • Semillitas de Aprendizaje–by Reading is Fundamental–activities in Spanish for children divided in categories from babies to preschoolers. Also has a section with informative articles for parents.
  • GoGo Lingo–online learning game that teaches over 200 words and phrases in Spanish to kids.
  • Pancho & Pita–a series of interactive computer adventures that introduce young children to English and Spanish.

Audiobooks + Storytelling

  • Cody’s Cuentos–audio podcasts of classic children’s fairytales in Spanish.
  • Cuentos para Dormir–a collection of hundreds of stories in Spanish to read with your child.
  • EnCuentos–Latin American website that has gathered professional writers to submit classical and original stories for children.
  • Pocoyó–just because we love him, and you will too!
  • Moving Picture Books–magically brings storybooks to live in English, Spanish and read-along texts with digital downloads and DVDs
  • Lorito Books–Spanish and Bilingual audiobook sets for children.