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How a Mother’s Life Story Can Impact her Child’s Education

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One of my favorite cultural traditions has to be the art of storytelling. It comes in many forms. Whether it be the simple rhyme that a mother uses, a legend, or the personal stories of an individual. Many times stories are the only record of a person’s life. They are a legacy they pass down to their children. That’s what has always fascinated me about this art form, and how personal it can be. My mom has been a storytellerRead More ...

One of Baby’s First Words: ¡Agua!

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Any parent that has spoken only in Spanish to their child from birth can tell you that one of their baby’s full and intentional words to come out of his mouth was “Agua,” the word for water in Spanish. Yes, it’s an easier word for them to pronounce in Spanish, but it’s also one they have heard repeatedly for six months or so since they started drinking water. It’s also one of the first words that gets them exactly whatRead More ...

Mejor Hablemos – Talking to our girls about beauty

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Beauty. Belleza. No matter which language you say it in, the word has the power to conjure up some strong emotions and memories which are particular to each individual’s own past experiences. Some of those memories may be full of happiness and self-confidence – a first crush who returned your smile, un besito, the admiring expressions of family members at your quinceñera or on your wedding day. However most women have just as many memories that bring about feelings ofRead More ...

How Soon Should You Start Saving for College?

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If there’s one bill I wished I could just pay off for once and for all, it’s my student loan. Back in 1991 when I applied for my first loan, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it was really my only option at the time because my parents hadn’t really saved or set aside any funds specifically for college. Now that my girl has finally started Kindergarten, I’m actually starting to feel guilty thatRead More ...

Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions

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Days before leaving to Miami to meet up with Roxana for our crazy, amazing “Bilingual is Better” publicity tour, all I wanted was to spend as much quality time as possible with my girl and husband because I would be gone for five days. Just then, I got an invitation from Kellogg’s for my family and I to attend the Tour of Gymnastics Champions in Los Angeles and I immediately jumped on it because I just knew my girl wouldRead More ...

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