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With Scan & Go You’ll Never Shop Any Other Way

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“I’ll never shop any other way!” is what I said to my husband after I tried Walmart’s newest app. Although I don’t like doing it, I normally have to go shopping for groceries or household items with my children, which means it usually takes me much longer and I end up getting stuff that wasn’t even on the list. But with Walmart’s new Scan & Go iPhone app, things have gotten much easier. The new iPhone app basically allows youRead More ...

A Peek Into Our Lunch Box

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I have to admit that packing a lunch box for Camila every single day has been more challenging than I imagined. She just started school back in September, but it seems like I’m still getting the hang of it all and the snack and lunch box are my biggest challenge. When she was in preschool I had a lot more options because I could serve her warm meals and the teachers could heat it up for her. Now, she barelyRead More ...

Healthy Snacks for A Healthy Weekend

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One of the things I love about living in Los Angeles are the incredibly fun options we have to choose from every single weekend. Really, in how many cities do you have weekends when you can choose between ir a la playa o a la nieve, and both are just a short car trip away? This last weekend was one of those. I had just finally started to feel better after spending a whole week in bed with that flu,Read More ...

Sharing a Remedio Casero: Mami’s Eucalyptus Tea

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It’s funny how one slowly starts becoming just like one’s mamá. You notice it when you start blurting out your wisdom in dichos or when you scold your child with words that ring in your head like ghosts from the past. But little did you know that even those remedios caseros (home remedies) you thought were a pain to swallow or deal with as a child and that your mom or abuela so lovingly administered, actually became engrained in youRead More ...

One Click Can Help Share One Million Breakfasts With Kids in Need

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  We all know how important it is to start off the day with a good breakfast. Sending our kids well fed to school makes a difference in how will perform in school that day.  But how often do we think about families who cannot send their kids to school with a good breakfast? That would actually be 1 in 5 children in the U.S. that go to school without breakfast everyday. In reaction to this need, Kellog’s announced today aRead More ...

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