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How Young is Too Young for an Allowance? {Prizes for your responses!}

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We’re in our second week of school and I still haven’t brought myself to give my daughter the allowance I had thought I would be giving her as soon as she became a kindergartener. Just last week I shared an article over at Babble titled “7 Tips for Teaching Young Kids About Money and Managing an Allowance” where I mention: I recently had the chance to join a webinar titled “Moms Talking Money,” presented by Women & Co, a service ofRead More ...

Raising an Olympian Hopeful With a Great Start

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One of the amazing things about my life as a blogger is to be able to meet inspiring women and moms who will go to great lengths to raise a proud, healthy and successful child, while at the same time taking care of themselves and their family. We know it´s a tall order – a really tall one at times, – so imagine being in the shoes of a mom who´s raised a child who´s on their way to shineRead More ...

From Great Starts Come Great Things

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Think about it? Isn´t it all about the start? We all start our paths to great things somewhere; whether it´s a thought, a gut feeling, a passion, an intense drive to go after a dream or a goal. Not always are we aware of where that starting point that brought us to where we are is, but we can be proactive about creating those “starting” moments for our children. Just like that day you realized you wanted your child toRead More ...

Time to Make Wise Financial Decisions

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A couple of week´s ago I shared the news that my girl got accepted at the language magnet school we had our hearts set on was emotional, to say the least. Not only are we a bit relieved and even relaxed because her bilingualism is now basically guaranteed, but we can also plan for the rest of the year and the immediate future—or at least for the next six years she´ll be in this school. I have to admit, though,Read More ...

Reminiscing About Magical Moments

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I was browsing through my girl’s pictures of her first year of life—almost five years ago now—and was surprised at how emotional one can get remembering all the magical moments that come from the awe of having a baby in your life for the first time.  Everything surrounding parenthood and caring for an infant the first time is so new, awkward and incredibly precious that you feel like treasuring every single aspect of it. Well, maybe not the waking-up-every-two-hours-for-a-year moments,Read More ...

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