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Teaching Baby Sign to Our Trilingual Daughter

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Call me crazy but I decided to complicate my attempt to expose my baby to multiple languages by adding another element: baby sign. Maybe it’s not too surprising given my level of interest in teaching Sabrina three languages. I wanted to keep teaching her sign language as simple as possible because it seems that our lives are already a bit chaotic. I contemplated between using American Sign Language (ASL) versus Baby Sign because ASL is actually recognized as a languageRead More ...

Press + Collaborations

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We have been so blessed to receive media attention since our launch in February 2009. Since then, we’ve also collaborated with many blogs, been published and syndicated on several outlets and have watched our community bloom! All we can say is…¡Gracias! Press for our book “Bilingual is Better” can be found HERE Press & Media TODAY Show invited Ana Flores for a live segment on raising bilingual kids. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy We were interviewedRead More ...

Sign Language with Classic Children’s Stories {Giveaway}

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My baby is finally starting to use his sign language with me!  It is so exciting to have him let me know his wants and needs through signs.  I had used sign language with my first son, and it was a wonderful way to communicate before he could speak.  We stuck to the basics—milk, more, eat, all done, etc.  Just knowing these simple signs went a long way in helping us with communication difficulties.  In our family, where I speakRead More ...

Abuelas as the Unsung Heroines in Cultural and Language Retention

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Editor’s note:  Mother’s Day is this Sunday and we decided to celebrate a las madres de las madres–las abuelitas.  This week we have two posts focusing on grandmothers as providers of cultural identity and a link to our heritage language. Today’s post is by Dominican/American mother of four, Angélica Perez-Litwin, who just launched Modern Familia-an amazing multicultural blog dedicated to cultivating confident and happy families. We invite you to visit our amiga´s site where we can almost guarantee you´ll feelRead More ...

The Feast of Los Reyes Magos

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The following is a guest post by Silvia and is part of the Your Bicultural Holiday Traditions series. In a perfect world we would spend every year in Mexico during the Christmas Season. I have wonderful memories of getting together each year at my abuelita’s house, of playing with my cousins, enjoying the posadas, drinking the ponche, smacking the piñatas, praying, rocking baby Jesus, hugging everybody, eating after midnight, and coming back the next day for leftovers. Unfortunately, we haven’tRead More ...

Ask an Expert: Will Using Sign Language Confuse my Bilingual Baby?

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Q- What if I plan to raise my baby in a bilingual environment? Will using signs confuse him? A- This is a great question, and one that concerns so many families. Our world definitely seems to be shrinking and families who speak more than one language are eager to pass on their “cultural roots” to the next generation. Learning more than once language from birth gives children so many benefits. Benefits that last a lifetime! In the short-term, however, babiesRead More ...

Sign Language: Useful Links

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Today’s the last day of our special series dedicated to sign language and how it can be used as a bridge between languages for all those of us raising our children bilingual. As promised, we wanted to put together a list of useful links and resources related to baby sign language. We hope you take the time to explore all these for they all offer different kinds of information, including visual dictionaries (so you can learn any and all theRead More ...

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