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Here’s Proof That It’s Never Too Late to Raise Bilingual Children

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As a multicultural and biracial familia, I was pretty clear about wanting to raise a bilingual child. Ah yes! It would be simple! I would speak to our child in Spanish and my husband would speak to him in English. Sound familiar? Yes, we were going to use the OPOL (One Parent One Language) method. However, things are not always as easy as they seem, right? You see, I had the desire but not a plan. I fell into the comfortRead More ...

Book Review & Bilingual Reading Guides: Waiting for the Biblioburro {Giveaway}

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In the world of children’s books, we often speak about the window and the mirror. It is of course important for our kids’ books to serve as a mirror and for them to see themselves in what they read. On the other hand, books must also provide a window into experiences and cultures other than our own. My kids are surrounded by books. Books we own, books from the library… suffice it to say, books are everywhere. Okay, okay, weRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Talks: Mom Fails and FREE BIRDS with Amy Poehler

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We felt fortunate to have the pleasure of chatting a bit during a roundtable with the talented and funny actress, comedian, voice artist, producer writer and now mom of 2 young boys, Amy Poehler. Amy is the starring voice of Jenny, a strong female turkey character and natural leader who falls in love with Reggie (the main character turkey), in the movie “FREE BIRDS.” During the interview we got to know a little more about Amy and a side ofRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Talks: Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson on Fatherhood and “FREE BIRDS”

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The new animated film “FREE BIRDS” is landing in theaters on November 1st.  The film arrives just in time to save a few turkeys before Thanksgiving.  SpanglishBaby had the opportunity to attend a “Free Birds” roundtable interview with Jimmy Hayward (Film Director) and male voices Owen Wilson (Reggie) and Woody Harrelson (Jake), along with being able to attend a preview of the movie. The movie is sure to be a “Fall favorite.”  This hilarious, adventurous comedy is for audiences ofRead More ...

10 Tips to Find An Online Spanish Tutor

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  Editor’s note: Last week, we brought you a guest post outlining the pros and cons of online tutoring for bilingual kids. Today, we have a follow up by the same author with tips on how to actually find a Spanish tutor online. The way we started our search was just by Goggling “Spanish tutor online” (or “Spanish tutor via Skype”). A lot of schools popped up, many of them were based in Guatemala and Ecuador. We have changed three schools andRead More ...

5 Ways Multilingualism Can Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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I’ve always been a shy child. But I’ve always been extremely proud of speaking another language. Here are five ways being bilingual helped boost my own self-esteem: 1) It has given me strong communication skills Remember the first time you tried out your newly-learned language skills and managed to get out a full sentence and get a reaction that wasn’t confusion, but rather an answer to your question or a response to your request? Remember how confident you felt? TheRead More ...

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