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Spring Coloring Pages in Spanish {Printable}

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Spring is almost here! The days of indoor play are almost over and our niños will soon be able to enjoy the celebrations that come with warmer weather. Monarca Language has put together two super cute printables in Spanish for our kids to enjoy. The two printables feature Easter and St. Patrick’s day, along with vocabulary words in Spanish that relate to each celebration. For the full  printable version of the coloring sheets pictured above click here. ...

Why It’s Imperative to Me That My Kids Speak Spanish

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My very active 83-year-old aunt called me a few minutes ago to ask me to accompany her to one of her multiple events. She is from Ecuador and has been living in San Francisco for about 65 years, since she came to the U.S. for college. She got married with an Italian-American guy and had four children. Her children live around the Bay Area and except for one of them, who learned Spanish in college; they speak only a fewRead More ...

Valentine’s Coloring Pages in Spanish {Printable}

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  Valentines Day is just around the corner and to celebrate Monarca Language has provided these cute Valentine’s Day coloring sheets in Spanish for our niños. The three coloring sheets feature winter animals and come with phrases that are great for starting conversations with our kids in Spanish. For the full printable version of the three coloring sheets pictured above click here. Check out all the Valentine’s goodies we have for you here and our Valentine’s Pinterest board is really cuteRead More ...

The Hobbit {Movie Review}

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In December 2011, I was on my trailer app on my iPad and saw the trailer for The Hobbit. I was so excited! I love director Peter Jackson. He directed The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Lord of the Rings is about a hobbit named Frodo Baggins and his quest to destroy a ring. It’s not just any ring. When you put this ring on, you turn invisible and become obsessed over it. Think about it – Wouldn’t it be fun to turnRead More ...

The Amazing Thing This Mom’s Doing to Make Sure Her Son Grows up Bilingual

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When Aidan (my now 4.5 year old) was 3 years old, he decided that he was going to refuse to do anything “Chinese”. He used to lower his head and shove his hands deep into his pockets when asked to speak Chinese. He one day declared that he didn’t want to speak Chinese anymore. My son decided Chinese wasn’t cool, or hip, or relevant to anything he was interested in. Everything fun was in English, his Chinese friends all spoke EnglishRead More ...

Rise of The Guardians

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During the holiday season, I enjoy watching holiday movies. This year I kicked off the season by going to the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood to see an advanced screening of the DreamWork’s film Rise of the Guardians. Rise of the Guardians is filled with countless movie and television stars as the voiceover actors – such as Chris Pine as Jack Frost, Isla Fisher as the Tooth Fairy, Alec Baldwin as North (a.k.a Santa Claus), Jude Law as the BoogieRead More ...

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